3 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Right Beach Umbrella

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Shopping

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Spending time at the beach is great, but you also want to take along your own source of shade, That’s where beach umbrellas come in handy. How do you go about selecting the right type of umbrella? Put these tips to good use and you’ll have an umbrella that has all the benefits that you want.

Choose Material That Effectively Blocks UV Rays

Did you know that some beach umbrellas are made using materials that protect more protection from UV rays? Check with the manufacturer to see what sort of sun screen rating the umbrella provides. Ideally, you want materials that provide at least a 30 level of protection. Doing so ensures that you won’t end up with a burn while you take a nap under your umbrella.

Look Closely at the Anchor Construction

The anchor design and construction determines how stable the umbrella pole is in terms of remaining upright. Choose one that will sink into the sand deep enough to keep the umbrella in place. Remember that the anchor should ensure the umbrella doesn’t shift even if the wind picks up. You also want it to remain stable while you are enjoying a little time in the shade.

Think About the Amount of Coverage the Umbrella Provides

Pay close attention to what’s known as the ARC. That’s another way of describing the span of the open umbrella. You’ll find that a 48 or greater ARC.

Remember that sturdy beach umbrellas will hold up to a lot of use. They will also last for several seasons. Always check the features and the general design before buying anything. Doing so ensures that you will have something that makes spending time at the beach even better.