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Add An Attractively Rustic Touch To Your Table Décor With Burlap Runners

When you are planning your wedding or other special event, it is quite natural that you would want to put your own special spin on the décor and make your wedding stand out from those of your friends and family. For many people, the idea of having a rustic, fall, or country-themed wedding or event is one that sounds very attractive and desirable. Since the décor and furnishings used during your wedding or event is a major part of how you define what theme you are going for, the type of table runners you purchase are very important. If you do wish to have a rustic, fall, country, or woodsy themed wedding or other special event, burlap runners are an exceptional choice.

What Are Burlap Runners?

Burlap, sometimes known as Hessian cloth, is a somewhat unusual cloth. It is woven from the fibers of flax, jute, or hemp plants. This results in a rough textured, but extremely durable fabric that is very useful. For a long time, it has been used to make sacks to carry such things as potatoes. Because it is very durable and inexpensive, not to mention the fact that the natural fibers make it completely eco-friendly, burlap has received more attention in recent years as people try to find other uses for it. Lampshades, grocery bags and table runners are just three of the items you can find made out of burlap.

The Benefits Of Using Burlap Runners

Burlap is made entirely out of natural fibers, which means that it is very environmentally friendly. If it is thrown out, it will eventually break down and become a part of the soil. This makes it a great choice if you wish to go with organic, earth friendly décor at your event. It will also bring a unique, rustic, woodsy look and texture to the table. If you decide to use burlap runners, it will create a very interesting and attractive contrast with a tablecloth of a different fabric and color, such as a red tablecloth or one made out of lace. With burlap table runners, it is easy to put your own distinctive style on an event you are planning and show off your unique tastes.