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Add Glitz With Sequin Curtains

For a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary, special event or even for a trade show booth background, adding a bit of glitz and glamor is never a bad idea. By using sequin curtains, you can add that level of dazzle without going overboard, creating just the look you want while staying within your budget.

Buying instead of renting sequin curtains is going to be much more cost effective. Once you purchase the curtain, particularly if you choose a top quality manufacturer, you will have curtains that will last for years.

Cheap quality curtains with sequins will soon start to lose their sparkle and shine, but the quality fabric is durable and designed to last. The fabric is also resistant to stains and will stand up to being packed and moved as well as used in a variety of different settings.

A Sparkling Photo Area

To create the look of a ritzy photo area at any type of event sequin curtains make a perfect backdrop. You can choose the classic silver, gold or even the pink rose gold look, or you can choose a vibrant color like royal blue or purple or even a forest green.

White and black are also great choices and make a terrific background for photos at any type of special event. Some people choose to combine these with tulle or other panel types of curtains to create more of a window-like effect.

A Great Backdrop

For celebrations and birthdays or even for receptions and formal events, having a backdrop of these curtains behind the podium and the head table is a nice extra touch. The shimmer and shine adds to the celebrity feel of the event.

Choosing colors that match those of the event or the hosting organization is also dramatic. It makes a terrific background and adds that extra level of sophistication to make everything a bit more glitzy without a lot of cost.