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Benefits of Manzanita Trees for Events

Looking for the perfect centerpiece for your wedding events shouldn’t stress you out. If your days as an event organizer are a flurry of dress fittings, cake tastings and bridal tantrums, investing in a Manzanita tree that you can use to dress up those reception tables is a must.

Read on to know a few other interesting facts before you invest in this all-around centerpiece.

They’re lightweight

That’s one of the reasons why using the branches of a Manzanita tree is a good decision. Considering how much centerpieces can cost these days, a DIY centerpiece made out of these branches are easy to cart off to any reception venue. You won’t have a problem bringing them along to your scheduled events.

They can be re-used

These branches aren’t just for one-time use. You can bring them along to dress up several reception venues, again and again. That’s one of the best things about buying these trees. You can re-use the branches plenty of times, enough that your purchase easily pays for itself.

They’re easy to decorate

Love Wed Bliss says Manzanita is the 7th hardest hardwood. That makes it ideal for displaying your decors to their full advantage. Just make sure you have them sandblasted or finished so you can use them for a long time. With drape crystals, strings of light or even ribbons, you won’t have a problem turning those branches or trees into picture-perfect centerpieces.

They look fantastic anywhere

These trees look amazing. They add that much-needed textural element to your tables. That’s not all, though. You can also use these trees to decorate the aisles as well.

They’re easy to get

Look online and check out trusted shops and sellers for this tree. Put in an order and you’ll have your those branches or trees in no time.