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by | Mar 25, 2019 | Shopping

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Making a statement is a lot easier when you choose our ear stretching jewelry. If you have always wanted to achieve the look of a large piercing, but you do not want the hassle of visiting the piercing salon all the time, we have a full selection of options to suit your needs. When you are just getting started with ear stretching, we recommend a flexible piece that is small. Once you get used to that piece, you can go up a size. Switching up sizes every couple of months ensures that your skin can maintain its elasticity.

Our ear jewelry is hypoallergenic. You do not have to worry about your skin turning funny colors when you wear one of our products. Our ear stretching rings come in a wide range of sizes. Choose one that is just a couple of millimeters or one that is quite large. You could color coordinate the pieces with your wardrobe or stick with a basic black or stainless steel piece that goes with everything.

We have made it easy to care for our jewelry for stretching ears. All of our products can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol for removing skin cells, dirt, dust, soap, shampoo, styling products, makeup and dandruff. We recommend that you clean your ear jewelry daily when you first start using it. Once your have used a certain size for a while, you can switch to cleaning it about once per week. Our jewelry can get wet and can be worn anywhere.

When you are in search of ear stretching jewelry, your quest can end with us at We offer many different sizes, styles and colors of these eye-catching pieces. Visit us online today at to take a look or place your order for a great new accessory.