Hunting Hat – Illuminating Headgear

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Shopping

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Hunting can be a really engaging and rewarding sport. It gets you out, enjoying nature and participating in a very traditional activity. But as any seasoned hunter knows, it isn’t without its dangers. One dangerous situation that most people might overlook is getting caught in the dark. Maybe you stayed out a bit late or got a little lost in the woods. Either way in that crucial time where your life is on the line it’s nice to know you have a bright light to lead you back to camp. This can come in the form of a flashlight, but having a hunting hat with a light is becoming a popular way to go. This is because it offers a lot of utility that a traditional flashlight can’t. Plus, you’re already wearing one anyway, why not add some extra functionality to it?


The best part of having a light on your hat is that keeps your hands available to do other things. When you’re hunting you could be carrying a bunch of different equipment such as tripods or traps, not to mention your gun or bow. Occupying one hand with a flashlight may not be an option. But having a handy light on your head allows you to see clear as day, even at night.

Shed Some Light

The unexpected can happen anywhere at anytime. The worst part is, you’re never expecting it! Dropping something in the woods while hunting can cause a real hassle, especially if you’re in a shady area. Stopping to search the foliage for your forlorn belonging could prove a fruitless effort if you can’t see very well. But with an easily accessible light it can be as simple as baking a pie. Probably simpler actually.

Versatility Is Key

A truly great tool has many uses and a flashlight is no exception. You can probably think of hundreds of different situations where a flashlight might come in handy. But having one attached to your headgear only furthers that versatility. While a hunting hat is specifically designed for hunting, it can definitely find alternate uses. Imagine reading a book in the dark, illuminating the pages with a lamp on your head. This type of convenience is something that we should take advantage of in the 21st century!

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