Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Sell Coins In Chicago

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Jewelry

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Unless you are extremely well versed on the topic, selling a coin collection can seem like a daunting task. Large collections are especially difficult to sell, as it can be hard to find a single buyer for a large quantity of coins while also being very tricky to figure out how to divide them into separate lots. This is why finding a third party reseller to take on this task for you is a wise decision. Here are a few questions to ask when you are looking to sell coins in Chicago, to help you find the right third party vendor or broker for your collection.

How Many Years Have You Been Selling Coins?

It’s extremely important to choose a reseller with a strong sales record and a lengthy career in the industry. Not only can you rely on experienced resellers to give you the best possible price or your coins, you can also rely on them to provide you with accurate information about your collection.

Is Now The Best Time To Sell?

Depending on the type of coins you have, and the state of the market at the time, it may be a good idea to wait before selling certain parts of your collection. The vendor you see may be able to let you know if there are anticipated shifts in the market coming in the near future, which can help you decide if you want to hang on to any part of your collection, just in case.

Are There Any Coins That Will Not Sell?

This is an important question to consider. There may be coins in your collection that are simply not worth even their face value. In this case, you may wish to hang on to them for sentimental reasons, or you may want to give them away. Asking this question before you had down to the store may help you cut down on the number of coins you need to bring.

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