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The Advantages of Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

There are a lot of different options in hair extensions. While the quality of the hair is always important, it is equally critical to consider how the extension is held in place. Some of the lower price point types of hair extensions require the use of tape, glue, or some combination of these options with the use of heat.

Glue or Tape

Using glue, tape, and heat combinations can provide a solid hold for the hair extension, but there are differences in the way the extensions are placed in the hair. These tape or glue applications place the extension between sections of the hair. This creates alternating layers of natural hair, extension, and natural hair to add both length and volume.

Lower cost and faster to install, the tape or glue option typically requires maintenance every six to ten weeks, depending on the thickness of the natural hair.

Hand-Tied Extensions

The choice of hand tied weft hair extensions allows for greater flexibility in the placement of the extensions to create the desired effect. The stylish ties the extension to the existing natural hair, carefully concealing the ties close to the scalp and under the natural hair.

The quality of hand tied weft hair extensions is superior to most of the tape or glue types of extensions, and is typically natural human hair. As each section of the extension is affixed to the hair, there is less maintenance required for the extensions. Most clients will require maintenance on hand tied extensions every ten to twelve weeks.

Talk to your stylist before choosing the type of hair extensions. While hand tied weft hair extensions are slightly more expensive, they are longer lasting and offer a range of advantages for both thick and thin hair.