The Qualities of Good Taekwondo Gear

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Shopping

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When you are investing in your fitness or your career, you might think of the big things but forget some of the smaller matters. For example, a cyclist might focus on buying her bicycle but neglect to buy quality shorts and shoes. The same is true of martial artists. Whether you’re practicing martial arts for fun, for exercise, or for a career, you need good gear. You need taekwondo gear that provides you with comfort and performance. Shoes are a big consideration when you are outfitting for taekwondo and other martial arts. You need shoes that will perform the way you need them to.

Slip-On Shoes

The best shoes for taekwondo are actually slip-on shoes. They should be snug with elastic that keeps them tight to your foot. Laces have a habit of flopping around, coming untied, and getting tangled. When you are kicking, the laces are more likely to come untied. That could be a hazard for yourself and others. That’s why the best taekwondo gear includes slip-on shoes.

Low Profile

The shoes should also be low-profile. You don’t want shoes that are heavy, thick, or tall. A tall shoe could restrict your ankle movement which would slow you down, reduce your range of motion, and make it more difficult to deliver quality kicks. Furthermore, you don’t want heavy shoes because they simply require more energy to move around. Also, heavier shoes reduce your sense of the ground. You can’t feel the ground as well so it is more difficult to orient yourself and deliver quality punches and kicks.

Your equipment is very important, and your shoes are a big part of your equipment. When you are choosing shoes, you should choose ones that will help you be the best martial artist you can be. That means low-profile slip-on shoes from a trusted retailer.