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Three Types of Beautiful Engagement Rings That Make an Impression

Are you ready to pop the question? You’re probably wondering what ring to choose for your beloved. From classic and conventional to bold and unusual, there are a myriad of rings to choose from these days. Here are three beautiful types of engagement rings that are sure to get a yes.

Classic Diamond Ring

The diamond ring has been a symbol of everlasting love for decades, and you can’t go wrong with this classic choice. If you’re worried about the expense or ethical issues surrounding diamonds, consider a lab-made diamond instead.

Precious Gemstone Ring

If a diamond seems too boring, consider a precious gemstone. Shimmering citrine, bright sapphire and deep red ruby engagement rings are just a few of the beautiful options you can choose from. Tourmaline stones come in any color you can think of, so you can customize your ring with colors that are meaningful to you.

No-stone Engagement Ring

Not everyone is wowed by sparkly diamond or ruby engagement rings. If your intended isn’t into stones, don’t worry. There are many beautiful no-stone rings available. Consider a hand-crafted sterling silver ring with intricate details, a brilliant platinum ring with custom engraving or a precious white or yellow gold band.

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