Tips For Choosing Office Water Systems In Chicago

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Shopping

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For most employees, staying hydrated is the most important thing, and it should be for the owner of the company, as well. Employees work better and are more productive and focused when they’re hydrated, which means that everyone should have the option of drinking fresh H2O throughout their day. You have many options, which can make it difficult to choose the office water systems in Chicago that best fit your needs.

Jugged Coolers

Jugged coolers use a five-gallon jug of filtered H2O. The jug must be placed on top of the system to work properly, and some come with heating and cooling mechanisms. These options work well if you have the room to store extra jugs and have employees who are able and willing to lift the jugs and perform maintenance.

Many companies use this version and find it works well for them. However, other options are available.

Filtered Coolers/Stations

Filtered coolers and small stations are becoming the norm in many office buildings in Chicago. Water systems can now provide flavors, carbonation and many other special treats, which may make your employees happier.

They work well in limited-space environments or when normal usage will exceed 40 gallons each month.

It’s best to own your workplace or have a long-term lease and have access to electricity and water lines.

While there are high-end machines available, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get fresh H2O in the building. There are many varieties of economy styles that still provide high-quality drinking fluid at a more affordable price. Plus, many come with an ice maker and can be hooked up to tea/coffee machines, as well.

Office water systems in Chicago should help employees stay energized and refreshed throughout the day. Visit Workwell at Domain Url today to learn more now. Follow us on twitter.