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What Do You Want In A Top NY Chicken Wings Restaurant?

If you ask most people in the NY area to name their favorite finger food or appetizer, you would find that chicken wings are at the top of most of the lists. These very popular appetizers, which can also be a meal or a snack, are typically served with buffalo wing sauce and a side of celery and blue cheese dressing.

While the chicken wing is often considered a sports bar or pub food item, there are also some great chicken wing restaurants in the city. These are the perfect place to drop into for lunch or to take the family for dinner, or even to order take-out and surprise everyone at home with a treat they all love.

Consistent Quality

One of the most important attributes most people look for in a chicken wing restaurant is consistent quality wings. This allows you to know just what you are getting down to how crisp they are and how spicy the Buffalo Sauce used on the wings is going to taste.

One important factor to check is the type of oil the chicken wing restaurant uses. Some of the bars and pubs and even the higher end restaurants use oil that contains trans fats in their deep fryers. Other restaurants used only zero trans fat and cholesterol free oil, making these wings a healthier option.

Menu Items Outside of Wings

While you may go to the restaurant in NY primarily for the wings, it is also nice to have a variety of menu options to choose from. A restaurant that features grilled, roast and rotisserie chicken, as well as a good range of sides, means you can add a meal to your wings or even bring home a chicken and rib dinner everyone can enjoy.