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A Checklist For Comparing Diamond Promise Rings

At some point in a committed relationship, a couple may want to have a way to signify their promise to each other, without necessarily taking the step to an engagement and future wedding.

This is very common for younger couples or couples that are taking their relationship slowly to have a way to signify their “togetherness,” which is where the giving of diamond promise rings comes into the relationship.

The actual use of promise rings actually pre-dates the diamond engagement rings of today. In the 1600s, small bands known as Posy Rings were given by a man to a woman with an engraved poem of their love.

One or Two?

Just as some couples may prefer to have matching engagement and wedding rings, some may also want matching promise rings. If a couple is shopping for diamond promise rings, look for rings that are designed either with a neutral design, such as a thin band with an inset diamond and gemstones, or perhaps a ring with engraving and a diamond.

Promise rings for women tend to be more ornate and may feature traditional shapes such as hearts or bands or design elements that intertwine or come together, signifying the couple’s transition from singles.

Size and Design

The size of diamond promise rings is important, as they are not intended to be as large or as significant as an engagement ring. They may have a small central diamond and pavé or diamond chips to accentuate the look of the ring.

Traditional engagement ring styles, such as a solitaire or a three ring design may also be found in promise rings, but the design and the size of the diamonds are in keeping with the smaller overall size of the ring and the band.

How To Wear Promise Rings

It is really up to the couple to determine which finger the diamond promise rings should be worn. Many couples wear on the ring finger of the left hand, and then after the engagement, they are worn as a right-hand ring or stacked with the engagement ring and later the wedding ring.

To plan for this type of configuration for the rings it will be important to choose the promise ring with an idea of the type of engagement and wedding ring yet to come. Staying with a simple band style is often the best as this allows the ring to be stacked with other bands and look beautiful as a set.