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A Guide in Choosing Natural Sweeteners – Three Healthy Sweeteners to Have

There are two types of natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners with calories and natural sweeteners without calories. Popular natural sweeteners with calories are maple syrup, coconut palm sugar and molasses. Stevia doesn’t contain calories. Using natural sweeteners guide in choosing the best sweetener is good if you know what you are looking for in a natural sweetener. In general, regardless of your health requirement and preference, here are the best natural healthy sweeteners that you can consider.

With Calories


Raw honey is good because it has medical and antiseptic qualities. It also tastes great. When buying raw honey, make sure that it came from a reliable apiary. Poor-quality honey is honey collected from sugar-fed bees. This type of honey is cheaper but is not different from sugar. Remember though that honey contains high glycemic and it can damage your teeth if regularly exposed to it.

Blackstrap Molasses

This type of honey is from cane sugar. It is good honey because it is high in Magnesium and Potassium. It is also high in Iron. The flavor of blackstrap molasses is strong, making it not suitable for just any recipes. To have the best quality, it should be the unsulphered (ripened naturally) variety.

Without Calories


Stevia is a natural sweetener in the form of leaves. It is from South America. It is a good sweetener because it contains zero calories and zero glycemic property. The natural leaf of stevia rebaudiana comes with a bitter aftertaste. Today, some manufacturers are developing and producing Stevia extract that aims to lessen the bitter aftertaste from the natural leaves extract.

If you have a specific need when it comes to sweeteners, you can use these natural sweeteners guide to choose the best sweetener to purchase. One thing to check is how each product is produced. Do not rely on the label that says ‘natural.’ Do your research too and make sure that the product you are ordering is as safe as its ads say.

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