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Magazine Extensions: The Best Investment You Could Make

You want your pistol to have more functionality on the range, and with that in mind, there are a lot of different accessories that you can get for it. The big question, however, is which ones do you need specifically? TO be perfectly honest, the M&P Shield Mag Extension is perhaps one of the most important out there.

Why Do you Need a Mag Extension?

It’s not a bad question: why do you need to extend your magazines? Don’t they hold enough ammunition already? You might be surprised how much of a difference one to two extra rounds can make when you’re standing on the range. When you’re really into it, the last thing you want to do is stop to reload before you really need to. It also counts a lot for home defense; having a few extra rounds in the magazine can easily mean the difference between life and death. The M&P Shield Mag Extension is exactly what you need.

What Does the Mag Extension Do?

For the M&P shield, you will get an extra two rounds if you use it with the Shield MagGuts +1 spring system. If you use the extender with OEM magazine internals, however you will only get one extra round. One of the biggest concerns that people have is that the extender will make the weapon uncomfortable, but this is not the case here. The extender in this situation only adds one-fourth of an inch to the overall length. The design will also match the shield frame so that you don’t have to worry about it being awkward – it’s the ultimate addition, and it’s still very comfortable.

As an easy-to-install add on, this is the one that you want. Give yourself the extra ammo you need whether it’s at the range or for home defense. It can make all the difference.