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Pressure Washers in Chicago Should Know the Parts of a Pressure Washer

If you’re going to be a responsible pressure washer owner in Chicago, it makes sense to know all about the pressure washer in case it needs to be repaired. You never know when you’ll find yourself in need of pressure washer parts in Chicago. Below is a quick-browse list of the most important parts of a pressure washer.

  • Motors : Smaller pressure washers may have electric motors while larger ones may have gas-powered motors. This is probably a part you won’t have to replace any time soon since they are built to be long-lasting.
  • Water Inlet : This is where you’ll connect the water source to the pressure washer. It usually has a filter so that dirt or foreign objects won’t clog up your pressure washer or come flying out of the other end.
  • Water Pump : Without this, you won’t have any water flowing through. The motor powers the pump which ejects water at a high velocity. An average pump flows at around 1-2 gallons per minute.
  • Hose : The hose must be a high-pressure hose reinforced with wire mesh. It should be able to handle a pressure that is much higher than what your water pump is putting out.
  • Attachments : This goes on the end of the hose. You can use various attachments depending on your cleaning goals.

Attachments, hoses, and water pumps are the most frequently replaced pressure washer parts in Chicago. If you need parts, High PSI Ltd. has you covered.