Protection For Cleanroom Employees

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Clothing

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Personnel are by far the biggest source of contaminates in a cleanroom. The clothing worn in a cleanroom is akin to a filter, Tyvek disposable coveralls protect products from contamination by employees.

On the other hand there are processes taking place that require just the opposite, employees have to be protected from hazardous substances which can include liquids, solids and biological agents. There are numerous industries where hazards occur; pharmaceutical manufacturing being one. Cleanroom clothing is also a necessity in facilities where computer chips are being fabricated.

Coveralls must meet the same criteria:

Tyvek disposable coveralls have to meet the same criteria regardless of whether it is being used in a cleanroom or is being used to protect the individual from chemicals. The coveralls must be lightweight, give off a negligible amount of lint and must minimize the collection of particles on the surface. Even with these strict demands, the coveralls must be comfortable to wear over the period of a working day.

Tyvek disposable coveralls meet all the requirements:

Disposable clothing made from Tyvek provides protection for product and people; Tyvek is available in four grades:

* Industry: has a collar and the seams are inside; ideal when there is a liquid mist or solid airborne particles
* Classic XPert: For superior cat 5/6 protection
* Labo: For head to toe protection, developed for protecting those working in labs or the pharmaceutical industry
* Classic Plus: Tight, over-taped seams provide excellent protection from aerosol particulates and biological agents

Tyvek disposable coveralls have a number of outstanding benefits which include; excellent two way protection, light and yet strong, highly resistant to tearing and abrasion, comfortable to wear and low linting.

It is also important to add that Tyvek clothing does not contain any materials that would demand special disposal except if it has been used around and contaminated by a hazardous material.

Tyvek disposable coveralls are ideal for use in cleanrooms as well as areas that may prove harmful to people. To purchase Tyvek disposable coveralls online you are invited to visit MPE at visit website.