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Today, when it comes to textiles, there is no place on the earth with such variety of fabrics and ways to dye and prepare a cloth that is as wild as that in India. India is always at first to clothe the world with its broad range of handmade and natural weaves, a prominent illustration being the famous patan patola dupattas. Whether it comes to cooking food or weaving a cloth, it has a different quality when human innovation and hands are involved. So here at, we bring to you a unique range of threads and designs from different states across the country.

Indian weaves

At Indian weaves, we love to help weavers and other Indian artists in selling their products at comparative prices. Authentic patan patola dupattas and sarees, leather accessories and much more are included in our products. We aim to provide you with authentic and a wide variety of hand-woven stuff directly from real weavers of India. Our royal handcrafted patan patola dupattas and sarees are a treat to the eyes. Its unique blend of thread and different colors makes it even more worthwhile to buy. You can even compare prices with the variety available at our website.

Why iweaves?

At a wide range of authentic and beautiful collection from different weavers across the country is available. We aim to promote Indian clothing culture globally. You can easily review prices from different weavers. All of our products represent the traditional heritage, skill, and culture of India, as we strongly support Indian art and craftsmen. is one of the leading websites which aims at promoting and helping the Indian culture to grow more globally. Authentic products of amazing quality from variety of weavers in real India are available. Hand-woven products are available for sale directly from the weavers.