Here Are 3 Fun Ways to Wear a Long-Sleeve Leotard and Look Great in It

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Clothing

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A long-sleeve leotard is a surprisingly versatile addition to your wardrobe. If you have only ever worn leotards for gymnastics, ballet or a similar type of physical activity, you might assume that this type of specialty garment is only for those situations. Keep in mind these three fun ways to wear a long-sleeve leotard outside of the dance studio or gym.

Under a Blazer

If you have to wear a fitted jacket or blazer to work or a meeting for an organization, consider wearing the leotard as a layering piece under your jacket or blazer. The leotard’s sleek silhouette offers flexibility and support. Because it is not bulky, your slim-fitting jackets will go over the leotard base layer with ease.

Under a T-Shirt

During a run outdoors in chilly weather, you need to stay at the right temperature. A long-sleeved leotard is a good base layer, and you can wear a T-shirt over it for extra warmth. This is a good idea for a 5K charity race or for everyday activities such as raking leaves during the autumn. If you like to walk your dog early in the morning, the leotard will keep you warm under your tee shirt.

Layering for Cold Weather

If you live in a part of the country that gets cold winters, you know that it is important to wear layers. A leotard is a good layer for keeping body heat against your skin. You could then add a bulky, thick layer such as a sweatshirt or sweater on top of the leotard. This will trap your body heat. The leotard is helpful because it wicks away moisture and prevents you from getting wet from your sweat.

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