True Coffee Aficionados Love Home Espresso Machines in New York City

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Home Appliances

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True coffee aficionados will not settle for less than the best brew. They are probably familiar with the important distinction between coffee and espresso. But for those less in the know, it’s important to note that espresso is brewed using an entirely different method. Although it can be made from the same coffee beans, a specialty machine is required to produce true espresso.

Regular filtered coffee is brewed by pouring water through coarsely ground roasted beans. Although the right grounds will produce an adequate result, drip coffee cannot be used to make many of the wide variety of delicious and complex coffee drinks that are available in coffee shops across the country. For that, espresso is required. People who want to appreciate cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos in the comfort of their own kitchen have no recourse but to look into purchasing Espresso Machines in New York City.

Although they can be a little bit more expensive than their drip coffee counterparts, true coffee lovers know it’s worth the investment. Just one ounce of espresso has almost as much caffeine as a full cup of drip coffee, and frankly the intricacy of espresso’s nutty flavors and full body can’t be compared. Plus there is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh espresso wafting through the morning air. Who wants to brave the city streets and long coffee shop lines before their first cup of espresso in the morning when they could be making their own right at home?

A home espresso machine works in much the same way as its commercial counterpart. It forces extremely hot water through finely ground beans, producing a thicker result than a regular coffee maker. The delicious froth that forms on top of the cup is called crema, and should be dark brown in color with small bubbles. Using an espresso machine is a bit more of an involved art form than brewing a normal cup of coffee, but the process is not difficult to master. Visit Espresso RMI Inc to learn more about Espresso Machines in New York City today and fall asleep content with the knowledge that soon everyone in the apartment will be waking up to fresh espresso.

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