What Is Jewelry Appraisal All About?

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Jewelry

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When a person wishes to sell jewelry in Chicago it is highly recommended that it first be subjected to appraisal. Jewelry appraisal is a process whereby a skilled professional examines the piece and determines its value. The value of jewelry is based on the materials used, the style, the current market demand and the origin of the piece. People approach a jewelry appraiser for different reasons; some people need a value for insurance purposes while others wish to sell jewelry in Chicago, converting the asset into cash.

There are a number of ways to get jewelry appraised. Jewelry stores often employ appraisers although the appraiser leans towards a lower price as often it is being purchased for its scrap value. Many jewelry stores melt the precious metal and remove the stones for use in newly made pieces. Auction houses and antique dealers can often be called upon; independent appraisers who work for pawn shops and other buyers of jewelry are also good sources.

When you sell jewelry in Chicago the appraiser really does not want to know the history of the piece, he or she wants to make an independent assessment. Depending on the piece, it might be possible to appraise its value on the spot; on the other hand appraisers may want to hold the jewelry for a couple of days while they conduct research. When jewelry is being appraised the value of the gem stones, the metal and the designs are taken into account. If the piece is damaged in any way this will reduce the appraised value.

There is more that goes into jewelry than just the intrinsic value of the metal and stones. Stones which have been cut in a style that is no longer in vogue will lessen the value, on the other hand, if the piece was crafted by a noted artiste this will increase the value.

Many people have no appreciation of the true value of jewelry, this means that those who wish to sell jewelry in Chicago use the professional services of a qualified appraiser rather than trust a complete stranger to assess the value. People who are having their jewelry appraised for insurance purposes are often provided with a list of appraisers that the insurance company works with. Those are interested in selling their jewelry can approach the same appraisers of course but they can also independently assess the professionalism of reputable jewelers and buyers of quality pieces.

If you wish to sell jewelry in Chicago you will want to deal with a company that can support its offer with an honest appraisal. You are invited to visit Chicago Gold Gallery at www.chicagogoldgallery.com/contact-us/ for the best price for jewelry and old gold.