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Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

At Lily Arkwright, our lab grown diamonds feature the same chemical, optical, and physical characteristics as naturally occurring diamonds. Without using special equipment to test the diamonds, it is impossible to differentiate our lab grown diamonds from diamonds that are mined from the Earth. While the trace elements in diamonds grown in the lab differ from those found in natural diamonds, the appearance is not affected at all.

Choose your ideal lab grown diamonds from our online inventory and our experts will put them in the setting of your choice.

The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are no less real than the diamonds that occur in nature. Our diamonds may in fact be of better quality because they were created in a controlled environment and monitored through the entire process. The benefits of lab grown diamonds include:

• Brighter quality and higher purity
• Fewer defects
• More affordable
• Environmentally friendly
• More obtainable rare colours
• Trackable origin sources

Certification and Grading of Lab Grown Diamonds

Like mined labs, once lab grown diamonds are ready, they are then sent to a gem lab where an expert will issue certification. The process for grading lab grown diamonds is the same as that of natural diamonds, which means the focus is on colour, carat, clarity, and cut.

The most important factor considered is the cut because that is where the diamond gets its brilliance. Clarity refers to the diamond’s appearance and notes any defects or cracks. The clearer the diamond and lack of colour, the higher the grade. Finally, the weight and size of the diamond is the carat. Every diamond that we sell is carefully examined and given a quality rating.

Jewellery made from lab grown diamonds offer a great way to treat yourself or show someone how much you love them. These diamonds are versatile enough for everyday wear and elegant enough for special occasions. For more information, contact us via phone at 0161 537 6773 or send an email to