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All You Need to Know About Fishaholic Finback Shad

Fishing is a favorite sport for many people. However, it may not be as fun if you don’t have the right gear and bait. The secret of catching more fish lies in the bait, and Rich “Fishaholic” Janitschek, a top angler, understands that well. He designed the Fishaholic Finback Shad, a plastic bait that combines many features from the best shads in his fishing life. This new design will likely become your favorite plastic bait once you try it out. The following are amazing facts about Janitschek’s soft plastic bait.

An Outstanding Design

The Finback Shad features a slim profile with a distinctive fin on the back that prevents weeds from accumulating inside and ending up in the hook. In addition, its side-to-side irregular wobble is valuable when you want to fish with a bait that needs to send vibrations and create a flashy action. The Finback Shad is versatile and ideal for use in fresh and saltwater. Additionally, you can fish using its diverse paddle tail in various scenarios. It will also give you outstanding results if used with a jig head, as it will function in a range of conditions.

How the Shad Works

It is a finback shad that mimics medium-sized baitfish that most larger fish prey on, such as herring, smelt, and peanut bunker. The Fishaholic Finback Shad is primarily crafted to catch your targeted predatory freshwater and saltwater species. It is a tested shad across the East Coast, catching species like tarpon, snook, striped bass, redfish, bluefish, sea trout, musky, walleye largemouth, and pike, among others. One of the most significant benefits is that it gives you a catch at night and during the day. After performing excellently during the day, it will still attract hungry fish at night.

Size and Color

The 6.5-inch Fishaholic Finback Shad comes in packs of four in a variety of colors. The following are the contents available in each box:

  • Chartreuse/Silver Flake
  • Olive over White/Silver Flake
  • White/Silver Flake
  • Wonder bread

Also included is a zip-seal storage bag of packaged 5-inch swim baits.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the joy of winning in a fishing sport or taking home a large catch of fish. You can celebrate this victory in your next adventure. Get the unique Fishaholic Fishback Shad from Dark Matter, your experts in fishing equipment and more.