Should You Buy a Three Diamond Ring?

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Jewelry

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When shopping for the perfect diamond ring, so many people limit their selections to solitaire rings. A solitaire diamond ring can be the perfect choice sometimes, but if you are in search of something unique, you may wish to think about a three diamond ring. In fact, three diamonds might be the perfect choice.

What is a 3 Diamond Ring?

A 3 diamond ring comes with a dominant center stone and a smaller stone set on each side of the center diamond. You can choose from a number of settings, metals, colors and diamond cuts. In fact, a top jeweler will let you customize your ring in a number of ways.

Why a Three Diamond Ring?

Does she appreciate finer things in life? If you are giving her an engagement ring, then three stones is a good idea. It also lets her know she is very special and a solitaire ring is not sufficient for the emotions you are trying to express. In other words, three diamonds are much better than one.

Three diamond rings make excellent engagement rings, especially if she is not interested in traditional looking rings. However, these rings can be given for many other reasons besides engagements and this is what makes them excellent gifts.

If you are a man looking for the perfect gift for your wife, a three diamond ring may be a good choice. Its three stones are meant to symbolize eternity with past, present and future. Eternity rings are a good choice too, but three stone rings are unique and comes with a variety of options.

Choosing Diamonds

You will find many selections when it comes to stones, but if you are thinking of customizing, keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t choose side stones too large or it may take away from the focus on the main diamond. The large stone in the middle is the one you should accent.
  • If you like contrast, it’s perfectly fine to choose different colored side stones. For example, the main diamond can be yellow and the side stones may be white. This provides a dramatic contrast.
  • When customizing your three diamond ring, it’s best to keep both side stones the same size, for balance.

Unique Selections

A three diamond ring does not have to contain one large diamond with two side stones only. Some jewelers provide some very unique and attractive selections. For example, how about nine impressive princess cut diamonds for the center, and three round stones on each side? You can even choose to have different colored center diamonds for additional contrast. The selections are almost unlimited when you choose the right online jeweler.