Tips for Finding the Best Silver Jewelry Buyer

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Jewelry

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The right Silver Jewelry Buyer will do more than exchange silver jewelry and coins for cash. In order to get the price closest to the current market value, you will need to seek buyers who have resources, knowledge, and values. They need to be just as invested in their community and customers than their bottom line. This may seem unlikely in people who buy, sell, and pawn precious metals, jewelry, and coins. However, it is possible to find such businesses. Why? Because buyers are human beings, after all, and because they want repeat customers. In order to find the right buyer for you, you should employ the following tips.

* Call around. Getting a silver buyer on the phone is surprisingly easy. Asking a few innocuous questions can help you gauge their honesty and intent.

* Be up front about your expectations. You don’t necessarily want to tell them why you need the money, nor do you want to imply that you need it quickly. However, you should be very clear about what you expect to get out of selling something, as well as why you expect that price.

* Related to the tip immediately above is this: know the market value of silver for the day, then ask the buyer what it is. If they don’t know, they are probably not interested in giving you a fair price.
If they lie (as in “tweak” the number), it is obvious they aren’t the buyer for you. If they are honest and know the number, consider going with them. Overall, it is important they know that you know the current value of silver.

* Another thing to ask up front is whether they pay market value from silver. Surprisingly, a few buyers do offer the market price in order to get customers to come back. However, they may only offer market price during your first visit.

* If they do not offer the market value, ask what percentage of the market value they are willing to offer you. This makes them know you mean business and forced them to commit to a number from the outset.

A company like Palisade Jewelers is a Silver Jewelry Buyer that offers many services, including pawning, watches, other jewelry, and precious stones. When seeking out a silver buyer, your local metallurgist is an excellent staring point. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.