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Airsoft Accessories: a Basic Rundown

The proper tools help you achieve the results you want. That’s true in choosing the right airsoft accessories. From Airsoft BBs to gas canisters and batteries, along with holsters, gun bags, masks, vests, scopes and gear, there’s a lot of accessories you need to pick and choose from. If you’re new to playing airsoft games, here’s a rundown of accessories you should consider getting, says Airsoft Society.

Gun Accessories

Make sure you read up on different magazine styles. You have to know about AEG care as well if you want your guns to last. Learn all about battery voltage and capacity too before you start buying basic accessories for your gun. These include your magazines, batteries, chargers, and BBs.


First off, ask yourself what your playing style is. What weapon works best for you? Take note of the limitations you have in the field and adjust according. That fields need midcaps while some don’t. Midcaps are more quiet but hicaps provide better capacity. If you’ve got a SAW, then you’ll want to use box magazines. If you’ve got a choice, though, stay away from box magazines. Choose a Hi-cap or Low-cap and stock up on a few.


Some AEGs already come loaded with a battery. That’s all right. While it won’t give you the same results as an aftermarket battery, it’s still a pretty good weapon to start with. Keep your distance from LiPo, at least until you’ve earned your shooting chops.


AEGs with batteries often pack along wall chargers as well. These work well with the stock battery. But once you buy better-performing batteries, make sure to toss these over for a smart charger as well. If you think you’re going to need LiPo batteries, then make sure the charger is well able to charge and balance LiPo cells, otherwise you’re just tossing money away. To make a sound decision, browse through reviews until you form a solid opinion on which chargers to go for.


These are pellets for your airsoft guns. Great BBs more than improve your accuracy, it also keeps your gun’s performance smooth. Going for cheap BBs could damage your cartridge or jam your gun for good.

Safety Gear

Among the most essential accessories to get yourself is eye protection. Never start a game without being properly kitted out with the right safety accessories. An injury can do more than push your playing days back, it can damage your eyesight permanently if you aren’t careful.

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