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3 Reasons to Skip the Bikini this Summer and Go with One Piece Swimsuits

Bikinis have ruled the beach and the pool for many summers, now it’s time to skip the bikini and check into buying cute one-piece swimsuits instead. At one time the one-piece had the reputation of being the dowdy sister of the bikini, the wall flower if you will, that is no longer the case. If you need more convincing that one pieces are back in this upcoming summer, read on below for a few reasons that might just change your mind.

They can be Just as Sexy

While bikinis show a lot of skin, cute one piece swimsuits can be just as sexy. Not only are they form fitting, they also leave a lot to the imagination and that is a good thing. Just a peak of skin here and a peak of skin there is a great way to get attention at the beach or the pool and you will be comfortable while you’re doing it.

Safer in the Sun

In a world, where everyone is concerned with their skin and sunscreen, a one-piece swimsuit is just the ticket if you don’t want too much sun exposure. It covers up the places that are most vulnerable to sunburn and leaves open the places that are tougher and are exposed to the sun most often anyway.

A Boost to Your Self-Confidence

Many women are self-conscious when it comes to exposing too much of their bodies. Wearing a one-piece swimsuit can give you the confidence you need to get out there on the beach with the best of them. Why not grab a cute one piece and head out to check some waves this summer?

These three reasons should be the only ones you need to choose cute one-piece swimsuits over bikinis this summer. To order yours now, visit Shop Poshé for a look at the collection.