Benefits Of Choosing A Tempur-pedic Mattress In Jackson MS

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Online Shopping

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While most people don’t necessarily care about the history of a product, you may be interested in learning that the Tempurpedic mattress was first developed by NASA to make a more comfortable seat for the rocket, making take-off easier for the astronauts. However, their attempt first failed, and they abandoned the idea. Then, a Swedish company took over and continued research to find an excellent bed option for those in Jackson MS and elsewhere.

A Little More History

After Tempur-Pedic used the technology successfully, NASA recognized them for their success in 1998. The brand presented NASA with a pillow, displayed at the Kennedy Space Center. Because of this relationship between the company and NASA, the brand has been well-renowned by those in need of a new bed.

Benefits Abound

The brand is recognized as a leader in the bedding industry, which means that you know you will get a high standard of quality from the company, the brand, and the bed you select.

One of the primary benefits associated with the Tempur-pedic mattress in Jackson MS is that it will conform to your body, which can eliminate pressure points on the hips and shoulders, giving you a pain-free night of rest. However, it will also minimize the jostling effect caused by other mattresses, so if you sleep with a spouse or partner, they will not be woken during the night if you get up.

Along with that, no one sleeping on the bed will toss and turn frequently, because the material will mold to your body, cradling you all night long. Because of this, it is usually a recommended bed choice for these with arthritis, back pain, and neck/shoulder pain.

Patented Technology

These mattresses are patented for the manufacturing and construction process. While there are always going to be alternatives, such as memory foam and memory gel, they won’t use the same technology as Tempur-Pedic does. For example, Tempur-Pedic has a density of 5.3 pounds while others use anywhere from 2.5 to four pounds density.

Anyone who has ever tried one likely knows that they are superior in contrast to regular spring mattresses, air beds, water beds and the other memory foam brands.

Significance And Choice

While you always have a choice when choosing mattresses, you must consider all the benefits and reasons. For example, all of their mattresses come with a limited warranty for 20 years, meaning you’ll be able to sleep on them for a long time.

A Tempur-pedic Mattress in Jackson MS will likely ensure that you get excellent sleep for years. Visit Mattress Direct now to find one that fits your needs.