What to Consider Before Purchasing Night Stands in Main Line, PA

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Shopping

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While it may not be the first type of furniture that comes to mind when outfitting a bedroom, night stands can play a major role and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s convenient to have storage within reach of the bed. However, not just any night stand will do.

Intended Purpose

When purchasing night stands in Main Line PA, think of their intended purpose. Do you just need a small surface for a lamp and an alarm clock, or do you need more storage than this? If you’re planning on keeping water on the night stand, it may be better to opt for something that can stand up to a little spilled water without being damaged, which isn’t the case with solid wood. The top of the stand should be large enough to hold all of the items you typically place there. Having plenty of storage makes it possible to keep items handy but out of sight to make the room look less cluttered.

Size Considerations

Make sure to measure the height of the bed so you don’t purchase Night Stands in Main Line PA that are too high or low. The height of the night stand shouldn’t be more than six inches different than the height of the bed or it will be too inconvenient to reach the items stored there. The night stand also shouldn’t be more than 24 inches deep, as this will make it harder to get in and out of bed. Bigger night stands look better with larger beds, so if you’ve got a small bed, stick with a smaller night stand.


The style should match with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom, but the night stands don’t have to be part of the same set as the rest of the furniture. The different pieces should complement one another and be color coordinated. Lighter colors will help make the room look lighter, while darker colors tend to absorb light and work better in rooms that are particularly bright. A night stand made mainly of glass and metal is more contemporary, while wood night stands offer a more traditional look.

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