What Is the Difference Between Zoned and Progressive Constructions?

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Shopping

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Are you familiar with the ways that mattresses can provide you with support? Do you favor a zoned or a progressive construction? Many people may not know the difference between these two types of support systems. Finding a mattress that provides you with great comfort can be challenging to find. There are so many options of mattress types and sizes. And each mattress can be made with different materials which can really affect the comfort that you feel after getting a night of sleep on the mattress. While finding a comfortable mattress set in Hattiesburg, MS can take time, but it is important to consider whether you would feel best with purchasing a mattress with zoned or progressive construction.

Zoned Construction

A zoned construction has separate layers of a support layer that contain different materials. You can view the materials and setup of a support layer like this with a model or diagram. Typically, a mattress retailer can provide you with one of these so that you know exactly what you are purchasing. With this type of construction, you are able to provide comfort with support in one layer. It is important to research materials before choosing a mattress with zoned construction because these mattresses can either be beneficial for your body or not effective at supporting you at all.

Progressive Construction

A progressive mattress layer is a thinner layer on top of your mattress. Despite how deep you need your comfort layer to go when you sleep to support all parts of your body, a progressive construction can form itself to fit your needs. If you sink below this layer, it can borrow from the layers beneath to help to support you. Although this type of construction may have the weakness of being thinner than a zoned construction, it can make up for it by borrowing the strength of the layers underneath.

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