Looking For 100% Kona Coffee Ground In Kona

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Shopping

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Kona coffee is loved around the world for its delicate flavor and rich aroma. The first kona cuttings were brought to Hawaii from Brazil. Later, the coffee was grown on large plantations. However, the coffee market crash of 1899 brought hard times to the plantations. Many planters leased land to people who wanted to start family farms. Interestingly, many of these farmers were of Japanese descent. Eventually, the farmers were joined by Filipinos, Europeans and Americans. Today, there are over five-hundred independent family farms in the area.

It is easy to tell 100% Kona Coffee Ground in Kona. The flavor is very different from other coffees. That is because so much care is taken with the coffee plant. Moreover, the coffee is grown in the mountainous areas of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The climate has to be just right to grow coffee. Indeed, there are few areas in the world that match Hawaii’s mix of sun, soil and water. It is sunny most of the time and there is just the right amount of humidity. The harvest time for kona coffee runs from late August to January. Farmers hand-pick what they call the “red coffee cherry.” That is because the coffee tree yields green berries. The berries turn yellow, orange and finally, red. Additionally, hand-picking is preferred so the farmer can select the ripest beans. Some beans need to stay on the vines a little longer.

A well-tested method produces 100% Kona Coffee Ground in Kona. The outer layer is removed from the coffee cherry. Afterwards, the berries are allowed to ferment. The fermented berries are washed and dried on decks called “hoshidanas.” Workers have to rake the coffee frequently so it will dry evenly. At this point, the dry beans are put through a mill to remove the outer-skin. Finally, farmers sort and grade the coffee beans. The beans are usually sold to Kona processors. Amazingly, kona coffee is sold by over a hundred private distributors. Contact Mulvadi Corporation to try rich kona coffee. This company sells beans and ground coffee. Additionally, they sell kona coffee blended with macadamia nuts and chocolate.