Perfume for Women in Los Angeles, CA – All About the Perfume Bottles

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Cosmetics Store

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Perfumes come in many packages, and each package has key advantages. For many years, spray bottles were the standard, and this trend continues today. Although there are other contenders, they’re not refined like a spray bottle.

The Reigning Champ

A spray bottle is the best vessel for modern perfume for a few reasons. First, it dispenses perfume evenly, and second, it’s impossible to spill a perfume that’s packaged in a spray bottle.

The spray bottle has evolved throughout the years. However, its core design has not drastically change. Today, spray bottles are primarily made of plastic or glass.

The Challengers

Beyond spray bottles, there are two secondary forms of packaging. The first option is called a roller bottle. Due to its compact design, it’s a viable alternative to a spray bottle. On the top of this bottle, there is a cap with a roller that acts as a dispenser.

Essentially, a roller ball can replace a spray nozzle, but it has no flaw. The flaw is its design; it can be a bit clunky for some users. In order to use the roller properly, there must be physical contact.

The second form of packaging is a glass perfume jar. It has been around for decades, but it lost momentum after spray bottles were introduced to the market. Glass jars are not made for traditional, alcohol-based perfumes. They’re designed for solid perfumes.

Perfumes, Spray Bottles, and More

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