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Remy Has Your Hair

When you are looking for hair extensions, you want to look your finest. You definitely do not want anything artificial, and when you get real hair, you want the best quality and know that it is the real thing. Remy has that quality and assurance for you in their Indian Temple hair extensions.

Our products come directly from hair donated by girls at temples all over India. It is a part of their religious experience. Every day, more than fifty thousand of them donate their long, luxurious hair, which is then auctioned off with all proceeds going to help the temples and local villages.

This hair is as real as it comes, and all of it carefully woven into extensions and wigs that will make you feel as if it were your own. Run your fingers through these silky, Indian Temple hair extensions, and you will feel the luxury.

Our hair is exclusively from India, and it is genuine. We do not do business with any other country. It is 100% Indian virgin hair, collected and made in India by local factories and local workers, all certified by the Indian government. When you buy from us, you can rest assured you are getting the genuine article. We refuse to deal with knock offs or substitute brands. We only get the real temple donated hair, and we get it directly to you.

So look at Remy’s website and try our products. You will see the difference genuine makes. We never compromise on hair because neither should you.