Suggestions For Buying Diamond Anniversary Rings

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Jewelry

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Traditionally most brides only wore a wedding ring; the engagement ring actually didn’t come into common use until 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked Mary of Burgundy to be his wife. He proposed to her with a gold band that had flat pieces of diamond in the shape of an “M”, which actually started the modern trend, although it was still only used by royalty and the very rich.

The History of Wedding Rings

From this early beginning the tradition of giving an engagement ring, followed by a wedding ring, came into fashion during the mid-part of the 1860s when diamonds become more common and affordable. Typically the bridal set included the wedding band or ring worn closest to the hand and the heart, followed by the engagement ring.

In the last decade, the addition of diamond anniversary rings to complement the wedding set is becoming increasingly more popular. However, depending on the style of the wedding and engagement ring a woman may choose to wear the anniversary band instead of the wedding set for special occasions, or to wear it on the third finger of the right hand.

Options in Styles

There are wedding and engagement sets that are sold with matching diamond anniversary rings as part of the set. This is a perfect option for an elaborate or ornate set of bands or for interlocking rings where the style of the bands nestles into one another.

For a simple round band, there are many styles of anniversary rings that will sit on either a wedding band or an engagement ring, or that look perfect as a right hand ring.

  • Trinity or trilogy rings – this is a central diamond flanked by one diamond on each side. These can come in various colors, sizes and even colors of diamonds. It is also possible to add smaller diamond chips down the band on either side.
  • Bands – a simple but very elegant band with a channel setting of diamonds is a great match for any style of wedding set. Bands can also feature more elaborate designs and patterns in the diamonds that add to the sparkle and shine
  • Art Deco styles – a single larger central diamond, often in an emerald or rectangular shape and cut, flanked by two smaller baguette styles of diamonds for a unique look. These are best as right hand diamond anniversary rings or worn in lieu of the wedding set.

Take the time to look at different styles of anniversary rings. You will find just the right ring, and make any anniversary one to remember.