Choosing Humidors For Sale: Tips For New Cigar Aficionados

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Shopping

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Buying a humidor for yourself or for someone else takes a bit of time, consideration and shopping around. For those on a budget consider narrowing your search in the humidors for sale section of cigar websites as you will find some amazing products at top prices.

While the price may be a factor, it should not be the only consideration. Some of the humidors for sale may be too big or too small, or they may not provide the environmental conditions that are optimal for storing cigars.


It is possible to find humidors that are exactly like the early models made in the 1880s and marketed first in Ireland and then around the rest of Europe and into America and the rest of the world.

These are the all-wood humidors, often made by hand, with multiple drawers and storage areas, more like a piece of furniture than a simple case. These are a very good option for a serious cigar lover, but they are also bigger, bulkier and really need to be owned and used by someone with a significant cigar collection. These are designed to hold thousands of cigars, so they are not practical for the average person to have on hand.


Many of the best humidors for sale for gifts are those that offer a degree of portability. These can be the smaller case styles of humidors that hold up to 20 or more cigars and that are designed to sit on a table or desk.

These humidors can come in a wide range of styles and materials from those with a glass top to those made of acrylic, metals or even combinations of materials. Typically the best humidors will have a layer of wood covering the interior of the case to ensure humidity can be maintained.

Smaller one or two cigar humidors are also available. These are great for travel or keeping with you in a pocket, briefcase or bag. They are also a simple option to always may sure you have a cigar in the vehicle.


With the wood, metal or acrylic humidors the design can range from minimal and streamlined, really just a rectangular box, to a more ornate carved, molded or worked case that is designed to be an attractive way to store your cigars.

Choose the humidor size to be slightly bigger than the maximum number of cigars expected to be on hand. Keep in mind that a box of cigars can hold as many as twenty-five cigars, so if you buy in boxes a large humidor may be more practical.