The Material of Nursing Scrubs like Infinity Scrubs

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Shopping

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Most nursing scrubs are designed using blends of cotton and polyester, even though some uniforms are 100% cotton, and other ones are constructed with 100% polyester material. A minute amount of scrubs are designed using blends of additional synthetic fabrics like spandex and rayon.

Infinity scrubs must endure rough conditions

Depending upon the specific desires and needs of the individual who dresses in the scrubs, the material utilized to make them most certainly will make a difference. Above everything else, it’s critical that all nursing scrubs, like Infinity Scrubs, are designed to be sturdy enough to be able to wear multiple times, stand up to several washing, and resist various bodily fluids.

Most scrubs are made with 100% cotton fabric. All-cotton scrubs provide benefits, including unsurpassed durability, softness, and virtually no opportunity of ‘seeing through’ the articles of clothing to reveal underwear lines. Bear in mind that 100% cotton scrubs might take a bit longer to dry, are more susceptible to wrinkling, and usually are priced more than polyester blends.

Infinity Scrubs material

A few scrubs are designed using 100% polyester material. Polyester work attire is desirable because of their low cost, a capability of stretching, resistance to wrinkles after washing, tendency to quickly dry, and overall low-maintenance. Nursing personnel who like to iron polyester scrubs have to utilize low heat at all times due to moderate to high heat settings possibly scorching and melting the synthetic material.

Some newer medical uniforms incorporated synthetic blends which involve rayon and spandex. Spandex/cotton blends are great for a wearer who requires a bit of stretch, whereby rayon/polyester blends are perfect for strength and cost-efficiency.

The nurse or additional kind of medical employee who wants to buy medical scrubs has several options in cuts, designs, colors, and fabric blends.