Using Embroidery in Overland Park To Personalize Shirts

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Shopping

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When a classroom of students intends on going on a class trip, their teacher will most likely want the group to represent itself in a positive manner while being in a public location. The purchasing of shirts for students to wear is one way to accomplish this task. Here are some points to keep in mind when making a shirt order.

Consider Using Stitchery Rather Than Screen Printing

While screen printed shirts are indeed an option, consider having shirts personalized a bit more with the addition of stitchery. A company that does Embroidery in Overland Park can be hired to do the job professionally. Each child can have their name or classroom number stitched onto their shirt, giving them a polished appearance. This will also be useful in helping the teacher to locate students quickly as the information can be read and tracked easily.

Use Uniform Colors To Represent The Group

It is best to stick with one color when picking out shirts for a group. This way, the students will appear the same as they walk together, making the classroom appearance stand out from others. This will also be helpful when trying to locate particular students as the color can be searched for in a crowd without difficulty.

Keep The Temperature In Mind

When picking out shirts for a group trip, it is important to think about the weather conditions that will be present on the day of the event. If it is going to be chilly outdoors, picking out shirts with long sleeves could be beneficial. Alternately, the shirts can be worn over long-sleeved shirts children provide on their own. If the weather is going to be warm, consider selecting a lighter color for shirts so the hue does not attract sunlight rays.

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