Waterproof Flashlights are not Just for Camping

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Shopping

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Waterproof flashlights are not just for camping! These types of flashlights can come in handy in so many situations because you really just never know what you may be exposed to. Having a device that will work in almost any condition can be a real life saver.  Understanding the value of this type of flashlight can help you to make an informed decision.

What is Waterproof?

There is a difference between “water resistant” and “waterproof”.  Most flashlights are “water resistant” which means you can use them in the rain and be okay as long as it is not a heavy duty down pour of rain. It is also means that if you drop the flashlight in a very shallow puddle as long as it is not fully immersed you should be okay as well. Waterproof is a completely different level of protection. When a flashlight is labeled as waterproof that means that it can be fully immersed and still work!

It’s a Better Built Light

For a flashlight to be waterproof it has to be built better than your traditional water resistant model. Extra steps have to be taken in the manufacturing process so that the water cannot enter the working components. This results in a better built flashlight that is:

   *   More durable
   *   More shock resistant
   *   Maybe longer lasting overall

The flashlight is built tougher to ward off the water so it is a more durable light. You do not have to deal with trying to keep the light covered in wet conditions to prevent damage.  Again, better built to withstand water means it is likely more shock resistant than other models if it is accidently dropped.  It may actually be a longer lasting torch overall because of the extra engineering features that make it waterproof.

Who Should Consider This Type of Light?

This is a great option of course for anyone that works around wet conditions but it would make a great choice for anyone that wants an extra level of protection and reliability.  This is a good option for anyone that wants to be prepared with reliable lighting in all conditions.  It should be purchased by anyone that lives in flood prone areas or that is concerned with emergency situations. It is actually a great value for anyone that needs a flashlight. If you are looking for a reliable torch why not choose one that can withstand tough conditions?

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