What You Should Know About Handmade Pottery in Royal Tunbridge Wells

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Shopping

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Ceramic art is a great way to enhance your home as it can be made in some of the most intricate and beautiful designs. Pottery is especially wonderful because it allows you to have the art while also providing functionality. If you are interested in purchasing handmade pottery in Royal Tunbridge Wells, here are some things you should know.

Designs Are Achieved in Unique Ways

While most people hear the word pottery and automatically think about a lump of clay being spun on a wheel, this is not always how a piece is created. Some potters like to take their art to another level and will literally throw the clay onto the floor in order to create the most unique and intricate design.

Hand-painted Pottery Costs More

Just as with most things that are made by hand, handmade pottery in Royal Tunbridge Wells can be a bit more costly. Achieving some of the beautiful designs you see does indeed require a lot of work and craftsmanship to bring them to fruition. After the clay is spun or thrown into the desired shape, it is then painted by hand before it is glazed and placed in a fire to seal.

Adding a few handmade pieces of art throughout your home can make such an impact on your overall design scheme. If you are going for a more earthy, rustic type of look, handmade pottery can definitely help you achieve that. And if you want to go for an ultra rustic vibe, make sure your pottery has been thrown during creation in order to give it more of a worn look.