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Considerations Before Buying a Coffee Machine for the Office

If you are thinking about a coffee service in Chicago that provides a coffee machine for your office, there are a few considerations that you will have to make. These include the following:

The Type of Drinks You Want

One of the considerations you will have to make is the type of drinks you want. For example, one option is a bean-to-cup machine. These are machines that grind coffee beans when someone makes a cup selection. Then, the coffee is extracted from the beans by using hot water and a lot of pressure, just like espresso. There are also instant coffee machines, which expel dried, instant coffee brands, such as Nescafe. Finally, you will also find coffee machines that expel regular ground coffee, and in some cases, even tea.

The Selections That are Available

You will also have to consider the selections that the coffee machine has available. Will you choose a machine that only has one type of coffee or will people have a choice of black coffee, cappuccino, hot water, espresso or hot chocolate? Will you choose one with different strength choices or perhaps the option to add extra sugar or milk? All of these are things you want to think about before providing these machines for your staff.

The Size of the Machine

Finally, you will have to think about what size machine you will need. Think about how many people will use the machine. Most people will take the number of employees they have, double that number, and then use that as the guide for the size of the coffee machine they purchase. Don’t get fooled into buying a coffee machine that has the capacity to serve 120 cups of coffee each day, if you only require 20 or 30 cups each day. That is simply a waste of money and resources.

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