Dear Women, Before Purchasing Your Next Pair Of Formal Pants, Read This!

by | Jul 31, 2018 | sarees

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Whatever a woman wears, be it formal pants for women or chudidhars, dresses or sarees, they are elegance personified. No one can beat their natural grace and the poise with which they carry themselves. Mahakavi Bharathi defined the modern woman as the one who has confidence in her every stride and quiet pride beaming in her eyes, with the ability to look anyone in the eye and accept herself for who she is.

This is true as the women today carry themselves with a dignity befitting the modern woman.

So when this modern woman goes shopping — formal pants for women online, when she feels she has no more of them to wear, here are a few things I would advise her to look out for.

  • Height to waist size ratio:

The size of the formal pant for women is determined by using a formula that inputs the height of the average woman in proportion to her waist size; this is why it often seems difficult to find a pair of pants that fit both our height and our waist size. It is true that jeans come in a variety of fits, but the options are limited in case of a formal pant. So, keep in mind the look you are going for.

  • Custom Alter:

Ever saw a pair of really pretty pants and later realized that it is made for those tall and perfect models and while we try it on, we look like kids playing dress up? For those of us, the ones who refuse to fit into any of the molds of beauty standards, the custom alteration has always come to the rescue. Next time you buy a pair of pants, get them custom altered. It makes all the difference in the world.

  • The material is also Science:

So now, we are proud owners of a custom altered formal pair of pants that makes our curves even more beautiful, but in a very dignified way. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare if when we toss it into the washing machine, and it shrinks to an awkward size that no matter how much we coddle, still refuses to get back to its original form? I shudder as I write this. It is the main reason why we need to invest in a good pair of pants that will remain dear to us till the very end.

So ladies, do you need any more motivation, hurry, open a new tab and search for formal pants for women online and get your own! Shopping never needs to wait.

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