Features Of A Traditional Or Personalized Parker Pen

by | May 11, 2016 | Shopping

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In the past, the Parker pen was considered the rich man’s writing utensil because of its shape, style and price tag. While they are still more expensive than a pack of pens at a discount store, they are relatively easy for most people to afford, especially as a gift. Whether you choose to use them as promotional items or as a gift for a job well done, it may be important to learn the features of this writing utensil and why it may be best to have it personalized.


Most traditionally, you will see these pens as fountain pens, which aren’t normally seen anymore. However, newer versions have come up with a more modern look, while still being contemporary, bold and excellent. Many come in shiny silver, or silver with black or navy blue to stand apart.

Many are now using gel ink, which provides a more fluid and clean line of writing. However, you can still get roller-ball pens and most come with black ink, though you can find some with different color ink.

They also include a clip and are perfectly balanced to fit comfortably in your hand.


Whether you are using these pens for promotional needs or as gifts, it can be helpful to get them personalized with your brand name or logo. For individual gifts of a job well done, you may consider having the person’s name printed on the side of the Parker Pen. Customization options can include imprinting or engraving on the side of the pen’s barrel.


Most people covet pens and keep them in purses, shirt pockets, and their vehicles. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to remind people of your company or brand. Whenever they pick up the writing utensil, they’ll remember why they got it or where and will remember you.