High and Dry for Name Recognition with the Right Umbrella to Make a Point

by | May 10, 2016 | Shopping

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One of the best ways to increase your company’s name recognition is to put your logo on an item that others appreciate, keep handy for regular use, and can see from a distance. When folks reach for a logo umbrella from website in crucial moments, they will think, “Thank goodness for protection from the storm.”

Sports Teams

Sports licensing is very big business. While a normal logo umbrella is often given away for free, with the promotion of the logo as the number one goal, any that has a team mascot featured on it is likely to have been distributed at a price. In the big leagues, people pay very high dollars for such name association, but they make great fundraising items as well. To help raise the funds your team needs, consider having your mascot emblazoned across an attractive and useful rain protector in team colors.


The business of good will often needs a little more good news spreading than the normal word-of-mouth campaign provides. With an attractive product to distribute for either a donation or as a prize at various gatherings, you increase your chances to share the organizations about which you are most passionate easily and effectively. Associating your group’s good work with the shielding powers of a quality rain cover creates a mnemonic that promotes understanding of the services you and your volunteers provide.

Business Promotion

The best things in life are still free. Developing product and services recognition in a broad community can be costly, but every time your company reaches out to help you stand to build a stronger reputation and increase your sales. A quality logo umbrella makes the perfect premium. Display of your company’s symbol is broad and very visible.

Whatever your message is, distribution of a quality logo umbrella makes good sense. Without a doubt, your company will become increasingly recognizable each and every time it rains, and that makes for bright skies ahead in your life.