Tips for Buying a Baby Playard in Green Bay, WI

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Shopping

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Buying a playard for a precious baby to enjoy may bring anxiety to new parents, but it does not have to. While there are many different types and brands of playards on the market, the features that are wanted and needed virtually all remain the same. Here are some tips on buying the ideal baby playard in Green Bay WI.

  *      Try to choose a playard that has a removable bassinet. When the baby outgrows the bassinet, which usually occurs when they reach about 15 lbs., the bassinet can be easily removed and the remainder of the playard used. The option to remove the bassinet is also very convenient when traveling with the child. There are playards that offer twin bassinet features for twin siblings.

  *      While the lack of the following features should not be a deal breaker, many parents have reported the luxury of a playard that plays gentle and soothing music or that features other extra benefits such as a nightlight, a mobile, or vibrating motions that can help soothe the baby to sleep. All of these extras may cost more but may be worth the money depending on the needs of the parents.

  *      Wheels can be a necessity when planning on moving the playard frequently, either around the home or even outdoors. The last thing a parent wants to do is suffer an injury, such as throwing out their back, while attempting to move the playard without the convenience of wheels.

  *      Purchase a baby playard in Green Bay WI that has folds easily. When traveling in a car or having to store it temporarily, a playard can become bulky very quickly if it cannot be easily folded and put away.

  *      A seal provided by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association is a must. This seal signifies that the playard was tested by an independent organization to meet rigorous safety and quality standards.

Shop for a playard for the baby at a reputable store such as visit us website. Stores such as this offer quality merchandise and peace of mind can be had by knowing that the playard is safe and not a risky imported product. Babies deserve the quality top providers offer.