Why You Should Only Buy Vaping Flavors from Companies Like Underground Ejuice

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Shopping

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Although smoking is never encouraged as a healthy habit regardless of the method used, health practitioners are starting to acknowledge that electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigs, could be potential gateway methods towards quitting smoking. This adds e-cigs alongside methods like nicotine gum and the nicotine patch to an arsenal of methods that a smoker has for gradually quitting smoking, instead of quitting cold turkey. One of the things that can make the use of electronic cigarettes more pleasant is the wide variety of delicious flavors that can be added to the cigarette. However, many of the companies selling e-cig juice are unregulated, and serious health complications could arise if you purchase juice from the wrong company. That’s why you should only purchase electronic cigarette juice from trusted companies like Underground Ejuice.

What Could Go Wrong?

As with any company that is not carefully regulated and approved by a respectable, federal health organization, you might not be certain of the exact contents of the product you are purchasing in spite of the ingredients listed on the label. It may be illegal to have purchased materials from unregulated companies in your state, and you can be arrested and fined if caught with them in your possession.

Putting aside the legality of the issue, you are taking a gamble with your health when you do not use regulated health products. If you have existing medical complications that are further exacerbated by a type of electronic cigarette juice, you could find yourself in the hospital wondering if you didn’t permanently damage your health in some way. Smoking is not encouraged in any way, but if you are going to do it, please be safe and ensure that your materials are being bought from a legitimate company.

Who Can Be Trusted?

Companies like Underground Ejuice are starting to gain a reputation for the standards that they are placing on their products. They are bottled and produced in an ISO certified facility, which means that each bottle of electronic cigarette juice is inspected and approved to ensure that it contains exactly the contents listed on the label, and packaged with a safety warning about use of the product. You also want to seek out companies that are manufacturing these products within the USA. Purchasing electronic cigarette juice from international sources comes with high risks, because the health regulations may not be as strict as those in the USA. If you have any friends who use electronic cigarette juice on a frequent basis, ask around to see what companies they use. If the providers do not fit the two standards that were mentioned, find another company who will meet these two standards. It is one thing to smoke electronic cigarettes, and another thing to do so haphazardly.